Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcoming myself!

Wow...at last, a blog.... How cool. Behind the times if you don't have one of these babies today. At last it's here and despite the fact that I'm still a bit in the social networking "learning curve" mode, I will be as active in posting as I can be. I have spent the last couple years refining my talents and slightly shifting my focus toward fine art, after the better part of two decades earning my living and honing my craft in decorative painting, murals, painted furniture etc. I am very excited and eagerly embark on this next (natural) phase of my life with much anticipation. As those of you who are artists realize, it is intrinsically an undeniable part of who you are, "your being" if you will. I have admired and continue to follow many of todays daily painters and artists, and in my best baby steps am entering the fray and throwing my hat into the ring, with the hope that over time, and with hard work, dedication and a continuation of the lifetime of learning and refining my craft, I will realize success, attract some followers and collectors who respond to and appreciate my art.
  I don't have any artists links or followers, the blog will look sparse for a time and that is a bit awkward (grimacing smile) but one has to begin somewhere...and with that, I am off. I have many pieces that need to be listed here, and have ambitious plans to find a place in this arena. I am relieved that this is the only "first entry" I will have to make. Welcome, if you arrive here, I hope you will return, and visit often.

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  1. Leanne Labrecque-BrownOctober 13, 2009 at 11:08 PM

    As the first blogger to comment - I'll be brief and accurate....

    Your work is alluring. You have talent and the ability to invite the viewer to see through your eyes - whatever it is you are seeing - you can make things come to life on canvas, walls, furniture or belly casts and your artistry speaks vividly to your audience.....

    Congratulations for all of your accomplished creations and I wish you continued success!!